Lymphatic drainage Professional salon Okinawa Kokusai Street near the at, kumoji, Naha, 2 brick and mortar, ' LUCENT SPA (Lucent Spa)"Welcome welcome! India esthe and small face let Detox too!

Ever gotten feedback from lots of customers.
We show you some of them.

-20-something woman.
Just to go to the Lucent Spa, the phone suddenly had to come.
Greeted with a very nice smile despite the steep us facial 30 min, but Word of mouth is healing, in a very satisfactory treatment was.
In the face of the long-sought, and no longer bothers nasolabial(*^^*)
Thank you ♪ also never comes!

-Gently massage
It was the first time getting a massage, this body has become easier.
Massages are also polite, stable and staff I also had a very feel good and very pleasant time to spend!
Repeat the decision! Also, please p(^-^)q

Provided by the vouchers.
First, the one room of the apartment and rang the chime that become uneasy, and to smile for now, relieved.
Face massage experience.
Treatment in a good atmosphere, very relaxed atmosphere, after was refreshing.
Also I want to ask if the opportunity arises.

-Atmosphere of the restaurant was very good!
The atmosphere of the shop welcomed because the apartment was a little nervous and respond very well refreshing face was a 30-minute course(^ o ^)v
Also when I went to Okinawa to drop! Thank you very much!

-So advanced?.
On Saturday, thank you! I so badly that the edema was rolling and lymphatic massage shop, went to Lucent Spa, ameba.
In beautiful style, myoga, greeted me.
Great relaxed and very comfortable.
Begins the massage and shoulder and back is not quite stiff-and cheer, and massage gently kotomi were read on the blog I was allowed in. A first meeting to kotomi I have said I am sorry.
Thoughts... from the beginning here massage ain't good!
Ever had traveled and time and money, he is!?!
It is unthinkable anymore other lymphatic massage. A little expensive, but definitely recommended. I'm looking the lymphatic drainage massage on the Lucent Spa!
Go elsewhere, but here please be sure try, from a completely different. It is pretty up had become too beautiful, so beautiful. Nagging is definitely recommended!
Myoga, kotomi, thank you very much. I go again!
Best lymphatic massage

Provide refreshment we received!
The staff I also will respond kindly and politely, so you can rest assured.
It is bring to heal daily fatigue. Once a month, wanting to go Cha am. It is recommend

At we massage the say just hope massage with good strength!
Plus, the staff going in to smile and talk healed!
From the usual stiff have in the head or hurt, their shoulders not like lightly now.
Lol go if I lived in Okinawa on a trip when you are in absolute extension! Thank you very much!

-It is recommended!
The first visit was! Shop stylish Balinese-style atmosphere, I'm also is also cute.
Healed very aromatic smell, non-everyday space.
Lymphatic drainage massage is for the first time, I adjust the pressure could be good! For the beginners it is recommended!
Getting 凝ri固mari, swelling, it seems was filled with waste, massage finished, clean body lighter now!
Men who have come well like. I would also want to come to this restaurant again!

-If you come to make sure we
This is where I want to go to when I went to Okinawa. Rather than a happy about where I wanted to go, to go to Okinawa Spa.
Lucentspa went and went everywhere in Tokyo, but was fascinated!
Is this a lymphatic massage, and surprisingly, after the treatment, clean toilet more.
Just strength in swollen, blissful hours is.
Good style beautiful staff was also very friendly and was healed!
Thank you very much! Also continue tomorrow! Lol

-Fully restored
I check everday body and where?, OK are men came across a lymphatic massage.
Fun conversation in polite, really superb.
Lighter next day body massage also completely get rid of tiredness.
Find the great good place, very helpful. Thank you very much.

-Light body!
Lymphatic massage experience for the first time!
Body gachigochi was stretched and sister God and when I was done, the body is very very light!
This 2 hour and a half I'd choose course was the course from this fit! Lady in question clearly, told me ♪ ♪

-You want to go!
Was excited because it was the one room of the apartment, but in a homey atmosphere is great!
Shop massage I think thanks for doing so far is stiff, but I was so very nice, want to go!

-Soothing both body and mind.
Were failing while we busy work, but owners who have received long-sought massage, giving me time to advance.
It is a relaxation from the moment you entered the room. Pressure also hearing very, very pleasant staff.
To sleep in the Middle, and do not remember it.(Lol)It was shop you want to recommend it to friends.

-Pretty much came off swelling!
Massage is like, well, the store went for the first time.
When doing full body and face, swelling the facial was pretty neat!
Be surprised, even whole body rinse them well.
Staff doesn't make his mouth too much, I'm going for got someones personality is often a pretty good shop was. And I wanted to go.

-It was nice.
It was in the Salon is very beautiful and comfortable space.
Awesome sister responded to familiar who enjoyed relaxing with our body tiredness with a balance of fun chatting and aesthetic pressure.
Their reward and sometimes tired picks really think. Personally, we want to go again!

-My first experience
Friend of the lymphatic drainage massage first experience has been.
Had a combination of body and facial edema of the legs leaving much easier(^^)
Staff is a little nervous because the first time it's healed in the smile, satisfied! Also, you want to go.

Have a headache and shoulder especially terrible stiffness in the lower back I attended a manipulative or another Salon several times.
Healing and aroma is like the Asian space!
But today I was feeling so much effect was really expecting. Oh, no! God! Yet terrible thing carefully and also good advice!
Este ever taken somewhere where the female through wasting nervous and healing and aromatherapy is chiropractors far into the space I had. Here is a recommended ☆彡

-And I realized and I! Here you will!?
I use several times, but this time 130 minutes in the course asked.
I thought why the standing work for more than 1 day 6 hours work, pretty swollen calf, had stiff shoulders and back because of that have even the slightest relaxation State, visited the store.
Is the result. Enough to thinner calves, shoulders are also much lighter.
It is about illusion and is not part of my body it would not.
I talk with the trainer who is trying to reform.
This Spa is a man I have lymph massage is pretty special.

-Decide to shop for your favorite!!
The atmosphere of the restaurant in a Balinese-style very well, decide to shop for your favorite!!
Systemic lymphatic massage is received the recommended Ryukyu lymph specials, of course, limpafeishall my taste was the best. I was booked again.

I heard for the first time.
Atmosphere, service, and content which really satisfied.
It is man who women who go feel free to feel, but also good.
I think the price rates are satisfactory cost/benefit ratio is high.
I think also we go next. It is recommended.

-Very good!
Was, but I went for the first time massage slowly calm atmosphere, nice and easy talk shop also!
I think 130 minutes full body lymphatic massage was what I was doing, but also the amount of hairdressers a little diversion(^-^)
It is recommended to men like you can also!

I'm going when I'm filled with tired and mentally tired when the massage is Lucent Spa, this time for the first time was allowed to go.
Interior lighting and Interior settled in Bali.
Me firmly massage the tired my massage with pinpoint accuracy and quite refreshing.
And mentally refreshed after a great breakfast.
I would continue on a regular basis was adequate.

The new store room immediately.
Balinese-style restaurant inside and in between!
I work on the always foot pan in hot…Do! Massage of the entrusted everything to a sister lol
What's this at the end? This is my feet? Doubt much slender! O I was surprised(^ ▽ ^)o
In shoulder and gently, until now had the best effect! And then well go-girl, thank you also(≧ ∀ ≦)

-Healing time
Kumoji, Naha city, Lucent Spa is massage is very polite and detoxification, it's quite nice
I'd tested once
After that sharp look on hangover received during this time, the combination of facial and massage oil, was thinner in addition
I also go in the near term.

-Thank you for today
Today I asked the 70-minute course.
So stiff staff who was worried enough, but also quite refreshing, 帰remashita ^ _ ^ is satisfied every time!
Staff, it also is a nice friendly people so ^ – ^ Also, if you have time come. In the early.

Standing work for every day, legs quite frustrated, was introduced to know I use this shop.
Was at first dubious, and use of the subtle effects of various lymphatic massage, is the, but now that is fan of this store.
Are available several times so far, each time better is just to understand, I'm able to improve my surprise.
First of all... Good sleep waking up. Fatigue difficult it has been. I felt the texture of the skin. These three alone pretty much better lifestyle.
And the use by massage of the face, not be quite swollen, will become sharper, so every time, enjoy & refreshing. This is very recommended.

-I recommend!
Was used for the first time! It is a beautiful and fashionable shops!
This time we experience full body lymphatic drainage! Well pressure, tiredness is clear!
Cool technology is, of course, but more beautiful, easy to talk to, so is the restaurant.
Immediately, having booked facials! next time have fun ~

-Staff wish you a pleasant facial & body treatments
30Minutes of facials and 100-minute bodies the order.
Este women could get satisfaction 10 minutes had a preconceived idea for men have received treatment.
And very sleek with aromatic oils, while enjoyed the sensation that bale is offered also effeminate hands.
You could get the relaxants such as regular massage is not only relaxing, exhilarating.

-Men feel free to go! Very happy!
Massage goes well, but Lucent Spa was quite high.
I sleep in the space, lighting and cozy for your massage at firm pressure.
Men go for wonder and worry about the private room was, well men likely to come. It was a great satisfaction. And I want to go.

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