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-Gene DNA Kit
3It is a plan determine the genetic constitution of the kind. It is a plan for Genetics nutrition advise on suitable nutrients, exercise (aerobic and anaerobic exercise), eat in order, such as base.
Is the plan to examine the genetics involved in skin aging (shimi_shiwa). Will tell you how to cope, and check your skin aging mechanisms.


1. NO emulsifiers, NO surfactant. 100% natural

You can use a very weak skin is super dry skin eczema.

2. Modified hyaluronic acid
Excellent moisturizer and skin! Blended with additive-free!

3. Industry's first Gamma-oryzanol formulations
Fast-acting skin, increase skin temperature!

4. Metabolic syndrome prevention and slimming effect on the balmy train acid
Data suppressed blood sugar levels after massage also has to prevent metabolic syndrome.

5. Jasmine oil
Brain stress is said to smell of the goddess, loved scent.
More Jasmine Otto formulations.

-Our regulars with immediate and lasting power!
The same fineness fast elasticity and texture!

PLEIA LINE (Pair line)
1Book (50ml)/¥ 8800(Tax included)

Cosmetic quality facial at home!
Even once could spots, freckles and wrinkles fade... on any skin type also available.
Play to the beautiful skin of the use. Cosmetic products such as magic.

-From the "outskiin" to "innskin"...
Cosmetic products are exactly the same are not. Most of the cosmetics well hit out skin (skin on) only in the best fitted. Skin regeneration cosmetics approach inskin (inside the skin). Turn over closer to normal. Holistic care products from skin.

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