Lymphatic drainage Professional salon Okinawa Kokusai Street near the at, kumoji, Naha, 2 brick and mortar, ' LUCENT SPA (Lucent Spa)"Welcome welcome! India esthe and small face let Detox too!

Good morning!-you!

Today 12/24 is Christmas Eve!
Okinawa has good weather, not too much Christmas feeling.

Today, such Goku happy difference ~!

Cheesecake and Haagen-Dazs ice cream * /(^ o ^)/*

It was very glad!

Everyone's a tension rose NYO!
Good food doesn't fit everyone.
So do I(¯ ▽ ¯)

Christmas is what ye mind got warm, friendly feeling ♪ ♪

You spend, what Christmas?

Today the main building and annex with sellout crowd.
Or make reservations for tomorrow awaits you!

Speaking of Christmas...

Chicken, Champagne ~ ~ ~ ♪ (¯ -¯)
Today so many, I eat tomorrow,, no, tomorrow or diet work Zhang newspaper lol from the day!

Today was open in between!