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Good morning!-you!

Lucent Spa was open last year today!

2016The year.
I think everytime after a year earlier.

This year, really, of the encounter!
Great staff meeting,
There are many great products meet the
There are many great friends meeting,
With great customers encounter.

Have learning from each encounter.
And you will grow.

Compared with last year, in their
Grown in the encounter with the man, and I
I really felt(;_;)

And Lucent Spa.

Next fiscal year
Services and technology together in addition to further refine
In the environment, our customers expect more

Everyone got a winning year.

◆ Lucent Spa mission ◆

That around to shine.
Therefore, I first let shine yourself.

Also, shine, shine around the situation
It is very happy.

Really, now, 1 year
Keep up the staff, please visit our lot is full of gratitude, please!
Thank you very much!!
Thank you next year.

Lucent Spa early this year.
1Will be open from January 4!

Ladies and gentlemen,. Enjoy happy new year * /(^ o ^)/*