Lymphatic drainage Professional salon Okinawa Kokusai Street near the at, kumoji, Naha, 2 brick and mortar, ' LUCENT SPA (Lucent Spa)"Welcome welcome! India esthe and small face let Detox too!

Good morning!-you!

Pair line is the oil of skin whitening, slimming, moisture and great effects.
In fact, how much effect or experiment.

Every day, do not massage a pair line
Nuri Nuri on his right foot.
Su was healed in a very fragrant jasmine,.

Over one month with immediate effect, the moisturizer, but by the time apparently is different!

And two months after that.

Do you is!
I gone slack, and clear around the knees!
And the white in the eyes, you can see!
Touch really chewy!
Embarrassed by the difference between the left and right reversed, wear a skirt much lol!

Not so?

50mm 8,800 yen tax included!

Because Okinawa is particularly strong ultraviolet rays were must-haves!

Interested please come try!

There are some free today!

And hey! Today is working fine!