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Good morning!-you!

It is cold today, Okinawa...>_<…r />やっと冬が来たかという感じです。。

The other day, I went to Fukuoka beauty world!
Fukuoka Beautyworld is the first!
Booths are somewhat small, very readable, was around.(^ ^)

It was as well this time!

Massages for the study around I.
I was studying.
There was trouble, but the trouble rather future anti-shop and to order to now.

Change the negative events positively.

And I'm doing the hospitality industry
Comes with the failures and problems.
You can lose it or your junk.
If so will be key.
Added anger to anger is claimed, if capable, smart, nice, conversely be given a favorable impression.

Throughout this trip, was also once again noticed!
And also seems to be back at the beginning.

Fukuoka is the 2nd time the rice is delicious so you get stuck!
I want to go again!
Today was open!