Lymphatic drainage Professional salon Okinawa Kokusai Street near the at, kumoji, Naha, 2 brick and mortar, ' LUCENT SPA (Lucent Spa)"Welcome welcome! India esthe and small face let Detox too!
Thank you for 4 years.🤗

2In January, Lucent Spa 4 anniversary anniversary👏
It is thanks to your daily flush to carry it also. Thank you for your😌😌😌

With the feeling of appreciation, created a small limited campaign coupons❗

Experience machine sticking hands massage techniques and attention, concentrate on your expectations as a result.
⭐🍎! H30.2-1 day-28 limited⭐🍎
🏆1.Deep lymphatic drainage massage 100 minutes ¥ 12000 → ¥ 7000
🏆2.Deep lymphatic & face muscles lymphatic face OR head ¥ 14300 → ¥ 9980
🏆3.Deep lymphatic &WINBACK radio waves ¥ 21980 → ¥ 10800
🏆4.WINBACK radio wave ¥ 9980 → ¥ 4980
🏆5.Haiffeishall 35,000 to 9980 Yen
🏆6.Haif body "part M" 25,000 → 9980 ¥

Already, the book draws near, there🎯🎯

2May month is very crowded, so early booking recommended.🤗

We look forward welcoming our guests online😌