Lymphatic drainage Professional salon Okinawa Kokusai Street near the at, kumoji, Naha, 2 brick and mortar, ' LUCENT SPA (Lucent Spa)"Welcome welcome! India esthe and small face let Detox too!
リンパドレナージュ専門店 LUCENT SPA



Bale is the mind, the body, healing, bright light shining
Our salon "LUCENT SPA (Lucent Spa)"That is a lymphatic drainage professional Salon has two stores at, kumoji, Naha city, near the international Okinawa.

Want to improve the home away from home and be healed slowly to a physical ailment, soundness and size you want to aim etc according to your body and health, soothes away carefully will be excreted lymph fatigue substances and waste products.

Where it is also clearly not better, take a look at please try. Also senses energy levels come up from the bottom of the body, in addition to the general effect of Las Arenas, a refreshing taste and our voice.

In the intimate Salon took care of the spacious private space, we bring the finest healing will be.

Lucent spat attention


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