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Fusion of relaxation & slimming salons! From long suffering neck and shoulder improvements to work tired autonomic nervous system disorder, wants the body! You want to building the body beautiful. The Constitution immediately evolve!




Real deep lymphatic drainage massage

* Prices are incl.
Deep lymphatic drainage massage firm shed than conventional lymphatic massage!
Stubborn stiffness and swelling is also effective.

And deep lymph?

Lymph vessels to run parallel and are distributed throughout the body.
Lymphatic massage FAQ's, approach, and go massage lymphatic skin surface on their side with a light massage.
However, the waste materials as well as surface, and in deeper, not quite tired and I stuck too deep is eating a diet too.

So deliciously also felt well shed light in a lymphatic massage treatments will not be better in, so I'm a pretty finicky.

Lymph lymph nodes deep in the deep fascia of the more.
Also how much surface only once, to improve deep lymph which he also returns over time.
Lucent Spa firmly over the approach to deep lymph, will drain powerful waste have accumulated in the deep. Deep lymphatic flow to anti-aging, fatigue, swelling and stubborn with CORI is very effective.

Firm had on the clavicle, and by passing a solid neck seem longer!
People are coming on a regular basis may vary, and subclavian lines clean turned.

* Prices are incl.

India esthe powerful slimming

* Prices are incl.
Heat mat India EST → heat mat(With head massage)

Improve on thin parts!! Slimming course

* Prices are incl.
Either individually or in the optional add is OK!

Small face muscles lymphatic

Massage with oil. This is a basic course.
30In addition to the course-and decollete (including neck, shoulder), Detox massages & packs are included. Further tightening the small faces, skin whitening effect is.
In the above courses plus packs. Puffiness, sagging to realize small face even more! It is a popular special courses.
* Prices are incl.

Want to become a little face! Want to rejuvenate! You want to eliminate wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds! A double chin if you somehow! Swelling of the face you want to take!Is this not so bothering?

FCR herbal treatments

* Prices are incl.

Is the main ingredient in sponge at 100-200 Micron less prickly ingredients.
By evenly illuminating the skin overall the spongier, 36-48 hours skin cells activity and to strengthen, you can feel the reincarnation of the skin in a short period of time.

○ treatment in medical institutions in eight countries (Department of Dermatology, and cosmetic clinics).
* Can practice at the Salon in Japan
○ based on clinical testing in the medical research and development.
○ 200000 prescription according to the Asian people's skin under the cases of more than
○ KFDA (Korea food health safety agency) certified products. * Thermosetikal
○ 20 years before herb herbs developed countries are incorporating both the Korea's no.1 share!

-Effect of FCR and benefits
-Spots, wrinkles, sagging, laws and ordinances by not, bear and open pores and calluses please's irritation with oily skin, acne, acne, acne scars, nose blackheads, dullness

Downtime is short quickly results!
Traditional herbal treatment is 1-2 weeks and took time, the FCR treatment if the downtime is shorter, you can make from the following day.

No skin problems, high safety
Natural plant ingredient to penetrate skin and peeling due to different development chemical peeling for purposes, not for skin problems.

Cost-effective ingredient to penetrate skin
Main ingredient stimulates the skin and promotes cell activity, etc. than about 5-skin plays in a short period of time we are able to have formulated six times. It leads to healthy, supple skin.

Skin regeneration medical facial

* Prices are incl.

-From the "outskiin" to "innskin"...
Cosmetic products are exactly the same are not. Most of the cosmetics well hit out skin (skin on) only in the best fitted. Skin regeneration cosmetics approach inskin (inside the skin). Turn over closer to normal. Holistic care products from skin.

○ easy to continue, choose skin type, age and gender. Also in (atopic skin / sensitive skin)
○ dries all the trouble said. Protects your skin from environmental stress and UV-rays.
○ nourish just as well, using skin regeneration.
○ tight pores, breakouts, acne, blotches, wrinkles and sagging white crystal clear on your skin.

Not care at home has sales of skin care products to.

Evolve the immune system, improves your skin at a breakthrough
-Facial flow ~

1Cleansing (Silk Jerry) ¥ 9300 (税込)
In excellent, darkening of the pores and dead skin to skin with a clear sense of magnetism float firmly. Be sure not to rub because it blends into the skin! Blending luxurious Platinum. Beauty extract prepares your skin.

2-Facial cleansing (Silk shower) ¥ 9300 (税込)
The raised dirt in pores and sebaceous glands, just put the foam without rubbing exfoliates makeups. Leads, and reset to eight luxury blended with "tourmaline, and moisturizing skin.

3-Packs (Perfect care O2 Pack) ¥ 18600 (税込) (About 8 servings)
High density "concentrated extracts" are firmly against the skin. Hari attracted plenty of fresh oxygen and moisture, such as bouncy and resilient, even getting dust no rinsing necessary even after using Marshmallow skin. Feel like pale skin toned from time spent with the.

4-Care ex (SC perfect core extract) ¥ 18600 (税込)
Autonomous skin nurturing power of promotion and normalization! The role of lotion and cream, consolidated in one. 36 became possible in the manufacturing of cosmetic ingredients high with rare breed this Gringo plant stem cell component using turnovers to the care from the inside out.

5Essence (ISIS Lin) ¥ 21600 (税込)
Skin with the latest scientific knowledge and advanced technologies, due to dry skin, mouth and skin firmness of the whole eye and suffering from a groundbreaking approach. It leads to the skin can continue to use a "shape memory" and transparency. You can use * Foundation made the barrier films in 25 different beauty extract and moisturizing ingredients, let moisture and moisturizing ingredients to mix well.

6UV serum & base creams ¥ 9300 (税込)
Prevent photoaging. Prevent damage to the skin, moisturizing, while & emollients such as well the 3 parts of the formulations"beauty" and "UV" and "primer," on this one. While quickly take care of your skin naturally glowing skin power to produce. Dim by just washing your face. Excellent UV block with the moisturizer penetrate your skin.

* Prices are incl.

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