5 minutes by car at Okinawa Naha Airport! Relaxation & Slimming Esthetic Fusion Salon! From the improvement of the trouble neck and stiff shoulders for many years, i want to become tired of work, my autonomic nerves are disturbed, and the body is lightened! To you who want to make a body line beautifully! The constitution will change in a moment!
Good morning!-you!

I went to Korea(^ ^)

Beautyworld Japan in Korea version!
As I had the medical exhibit
As well as beauty equipment, as well as medical equipment!

Unlike Japan, on Saturdays and Sundays to general public admission!

And I could study!

And the rice was really good ~!

Low fat, no cramps!
But it is the best so far ^ ^

I was very hard plan
Make the most of now!

I want to go again!

Today is working fine!