Fusion of relaxation & slimming salons! From long suffering neck and shoulder improvements to work tired autonomic nervous system disorder, wants the body! You want to building the body beautiful. The Constitution immediately evolve!
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From October 2, Reiwa, the store address will be relocated.
For more information, please refer to "Notice of Store Relocation".


You can talk to your treatment provided by.

I want to get rid of chronic neck and stiff shoulders somehow.
Hand technology is high and firm pressure, i want to be loosened full of the whole body
I want to change my constitution and make my body easier to lose weight because it's getting thinner every year.
♦I want to prepare the body line at once.
I want to be a small face
I want to do something about swelling.
♦I want to experience high quality machines
●I want to experience a full-fledged deep lymphatic massage
I want to eliminate the stiffness of the head by the head massage.
I want to take it in a full private room.
I want to go to the salon where the man can go easily.
I want to get a maternity massage.
I really want to improve my constitution.
I want to prepare the autonomic nerve

Improvement will be meticulous in our salon technology and experienced staff.
Beauty-treatment age provides real skills, product knowledge, concept.

Revitalizes the skin and prevent aging, balance of mind and body, a beautiful shine and body.

Lucent spat attention


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