Near Okinawa Kokusai Dori!
Fusion of relaxation & slimming salons! From long suffering neck and shoulder improvements to work tired autonomic nervous system disorder, wants the body! You want to building the body beautiful. The Constitution immediately evolve!
リンパドレナージュ専門店 LUCENT SPA




You can talk to your treatment provided by.
  • Chronic neck and shoulder to resolved somehow!
  • Handheld technology firm pressure in the body with bale and want to!
  • I want to body building easy-to-lose, became each year more difficult to skinny, and then change the Constitution!
  • At one time you want to set up body!
  • Want to become a little face!
  • What though the swelling!
  • You want to experience the high-quality machinery!
  • You want to experience an authentic deep lymphatic massage!
  • With a head massage to eliminate head stiffness and tiredness!
  • You want to receive in private!
  • Want to go to the Salon staff please feel free to attend!
  • Receiving a maternity massage
  • Seriously, you want to improve the Constitution!
  • The autonomic nervous system you want to set up!
Improvement will be meticulous in our salon technology and experienced staff.
Beauty-treatment age provides real skills, product knowledge, concept.

Revitalizes the skin and prevent aging, balance of mind and body, a beautiful shine and body.

Lucent spat attention


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